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British American Juice

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We supply Premium USA made eLiquids
Made in high-tech laboratories using only FDA Pharmaceutical grade Ingredients.

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E-cigarettes are changing how society thinks of Tobacco.
British American Juice are committed to answering your questions openly & honestly.

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We can advise you with;

  • Logistics
  • Technology
  • Regulation
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    We are official distribution partners
    to some of the Industries leading names.

    Welcome to British American Juice

    A leading distributor of USA made E-Liquids. Experts in Logistics, eCigarette Innovation and Technology solutions.

    BAJ specializes in Global Distribution of E-Liquid

    Global Distribution

    We're a leader in the delivery of premium eLiquid across the globe. Experienced in shipping to over 25 nations. From Asia to Australia, to the US to the UK.
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    BAJ are market place eCig innovators

    Innovation & Passion

    Through close market partnerships we quickly discover cutting edge trends and react to them smartly. Our labs are state of the art and our passion for flavour creation is unmatched.
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    The Leading eCigarette Technology Experts

    Our Technology

    Having built some of the most forward thinking projects seen in the industry we are well placed to partner with companies maximize their use of technology systems to the fullest. We've worked with some of the biggest names. Why not join us?
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    E-Liquid around the world

    We are looking for UK Vendors

    If you would like to stock some of the finest
    E-Liquids California produces then apply for wholesale account.

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    • Jack Cali’s started with us dreaming, California Dreamin’ – What if we took all of the exciting things we love about California, and bottled it.

      Jack Cali's

      We spent over a year creating Jack Cali’s to be the best juice we could make. It embodies the California spirit, and reminds us of home. One taste of our juice and you’ll be transported to blue skies and good times.

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    • Uncle Junk have an incredible selection of premium e-liquid flavors unlike anyone else. Using Natural and Artificial flavorings in glass bottles, they are an Ultra Premium brand, for upscale shops. Uncle Junk's small production quantity is matched by it's quality.

      Uncle Junk's EJuice

      Uncle Junk's Genius Juice specializes in premium e-juices. Uncle Junk has a passion for fusing flavors to create unique e-juice blends to satisfy even the most discerning vaping palette. All of their juices are made in the U.S.A. with only the finest of FDA approved ingredients.

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    • Epic E Juice has revolutionized vaping in California.

      Epic Juice Premium Eliquid

      Epic Juice saw the need for vape enthusiasts looking for their all day vapes and are passionate about giving customers what they want. All of their flavour offerings have gone through extensive market testing with our local retail partners in Southern California. The procedures that they follow in R&D help to hone in on what flavours to keep and what to set aside with the ultimate verdict lying in the hands of the vaping community.

      Epic does not flood the market with generic ejuice flavourings, but instead concentrates on a limited set of products that have been market proven. They provide end users and retail partners the best ejuice possible, by creating flavour combinations that are well balanced and well liked. Epic's premium line delivers over the top satisfaction to consumers at the best value to retailers. Epic's premium line regularly beats liquids twice as expensive in blind tastings.

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    • We only work with the best

      All our Partners use Pharmaceutical grade and FDA approved flavours and Nicotine. The labs are state of the art clean and cooled rooms.
    • We support storefronts and community

      We're working hard to promote eCigs as a viable alternative to smoking.