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Epic Juice

Epic is a Southern California innovator.  With the first fully compliant 3 stage laboratory.  Epic takes E-Liquid seriously, spending months testing flavors before release into the market.  Epic’s leadership in E-Liquid making and standards are 3 fold beyond the most strict industry recommended guidelines by AEMSA and the ECCA UK.

Epic Juice Prides itself on Quality Control, implementing Kaizen manufacturing principals, and Lean production and delivery times.  This delivers the quality only that customers desire in product, at the lowest possible cost.

Uncle Junks

Uncle Junks is a Super Premium Line out of Southern California.  The ultra premium line pushes for the highest quality e-liquid, using a mix of natural and artificial flavorings, in glass packaging and coloring’s added.  Uncle Junks uses a 1 stage clean facility, that meets AEMSA Standards.

Ecig Jucie Club

Ecig Juice Club is a distributed product by British American Juice, using a just in time delivery system to get low cost product to consumers in bulk.  Ecig Juice Club liquids are produced at Epic Juice LLC’s facilities on specification from Ecig Juice Club.  Ecig Juice Club E-Liquid is available by (4) Litre containers for redistribution.  Ecig Juice Club follows a Prince2 quality control system at every stage of production.