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California, Bottled.

Jack Cali's | Cupertino

Reminiscent of a homestyle recipe, with the taste of warm apple and delicious pastry crust. This is a smart apple flavor, with technology running through its veins. It begs for lower ohms, and as you give, it delivers. This vape is one of a kind.

Jack Cali's | Berkeley

Berkeley is known for its artisan coffee shops and with this juice it’s like being served by a true barista. We deliver an Americano coffee with a slight vanilla hint to finish off the vape, leaving you wanting more . Friends and co-workers may worry about how many cups of coffee you have a day, but you can never have too much of Jack Cali’s Berkeley.

Jack Cali's | Tahoe

Refreshing, fresh taste, like the clear blue waters of lake Tahoe on a November morning. Wake to the greenery of the mountain and the white slopes begging you to gear up, grab your board and shred. Blueberry is paired with a koolada, similar to menthol, but not. It’s subtle and enhances the fruit of the blueberry without giving you a headache or too sharp a taste on your tongue. This juice is best used in a tank.

Jack Cali's | Visalia

Visalia is a city situated in the agricultural San Joaquin valley of California, known for its fresh fruit. With this as our inspiration we have crafted a totally perfect peach flavor. With the taste of fresh cream to follow, making this a delicious vape.

Jack Cali's | Eureka

This tobacco breathes warm fruit notes, an earthy light wood and a pleasant plum and raisin taste. It’s warm and alive, fresh leaf and full of flavour. If you’ve stayed away from tobaccos in the past this is a must try. We’ve designed this tobacco to taste great as sub-ohm vape you never would have expected.

Jack Cali's | Solano

Solano, the county that is named after the brave Native American Chief, offers an equally brave flavor. The sunny taste of fresh, juicy melon paired with sweet honeydew delivers a refreshing flavor that is perfect for an everyday vape. Its smooth, milky undertone will brighten up even the most flavorless of tanks.

Jack Cali’s Web
Jack Cali's | Logo

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Jack Cali's | Bixby

The high 96% of VG gives this juice a smooth, clean shot of fresh, organic blueberry flavor that really zings. This is rocket fuel for a cloud chaser. No chapstick taste, just good flavor. Named after the Bixby area of Long Beach, home of the sub-ohm champions.

Apple Hill
Jack Cali's | Apple Hill

Fruit notes of raisin and apple, paired with a pastry crust that is smooth and lovely to vape. Aspirationally, the flavor is designed to conjure up, home, warmth, and comfort food. Think of a dark den, plush in antique leathers, with a fire roaring,a whiskey in your hand and your dog at your feet. You, sir, have arrived. You live on Apple Hill.

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Jack Cali’s started with us dreaming, California Dreamin’ – What if we took all of the exciting things we love about California, and bottled it.

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